Cody Rhodes And Jey Uso Announced For WWE Fastlane Title Match

Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso will team up this Saturday at WWE Fastlane to challenge Finn Balor and Damian Priest for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. The announcement was made by Adam Pearce near the end of a lengthy opening segment on tonight’s WWE Raw, revolving around The Judgment Day, JD McDonagh, Cody Rhodes, and Jey Uso.

The show opened up with the return of Rhea Ripley before Priest then appeared alongside Mysterio, sporting a black eye and making his first appearance since losing the “WWE NXT” North American Championship to Trick Williams on Saturday. After commentary stated that Balor was not at WWE Raw this week, followed by a commercial break, Ripley began admonishing her stablemates in the ring, Priest specifically. She accused Priest of allowing things to fall apart in her absence, referring to the fact that Mysterio lost the “WWE NXT” North American Championship to Trick Williams over the weekend, and claiming that Balor and Priest were both hurt during last week’s show.

Ripley then claimed that the recent tension within The Judgment Day has led to other groups no longer being afraid of the team, and warned Priest that he wasn’t taking their enemies seriously enough. Priest rebutted Ripley’s argument, pointing to the fact that he still had his tag belt and Money in the Bank briefcase, while Mysterio had lost his championship. This caused Ripley to turn her attention to “Dom Dom,” letting Mysterio know he will have a rematch against Williams tomorrow and, if he didn’t win, he shouldn’t bother coming back.

Uso then made his appearance, flirting with Ripley and calling her a “new Tribal Chief.” Though Priest began to make a move toward Uso, Mysterio stopped him, letting his stablemates know that he would “handle” Uso. After Mysterio ate a superkick from Uso, however, McDonagh appeared and the two began beating Uso down. Just when Priest was about to get involved, Rhodes made his entrance to come to the aid of Uso. Before things could go any further, Adam Pearch appeared, announcing Rhodes and Uso against Priest and Balor for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship at WWE Fastlane this weekend.

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