Hulk Hogan No Longer Working With Netflix On Upcoming Biopic

Back in 2019, it was announced that Chris Hemsworth would star in a Netflix biopic on the life and career of the legendary Hulk Hogan. Almost five years on from its announcement, solid details regarding the film have still yet to emerge. In an interview in June 2023, Hemsworth gave a troubling update, admitting he was unsure what of the project’s current status after stating in 2022 that it was still in the development stage.

Now, The Hulkster himself has provided the latest update on the film and unfortunately, it isn’t good news. Appearing on the the latest episode of Insight With Chris Van Vilet, Hogan revealed that there was a “business glitch” on Netflix’s side which ultimately led to him moving on. Whilst the WWE legend admitted the rights for the project are with another unnamed entity, giving hope that the film may still be produced in another form, it seems that the Hemsworth-led Netflix project has now been scrapped.

“It was a situation where, business-wise, Netflix missed the date as far as a business situation,” Hogan stated. So I had the choice at that time to switch gears. Scott Silver wrote the script, he wrote The Joker and a bunch of different movies and of course, Todd Phillips has done the Joker, Wolf of Wall Street and The Hangover movies. But yeah, the script came back, It was amazing because my favourite movies are like Scarface, Godfather. True Romance. It was there and I just thought, ‘whoa.’

But all of a sudden, there was a business glitch and then they tried to fix it a few days later and I’d already decided to move on. So my life rights and stuff are somewhere else now and there’s a lot of things that are getting ready to happen. Hopefully, Todd Phillips and Chris Hemsworth will still want to play. But there’s still a huge opportunity there.”

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