CM Punk And WWE Reportedly Not In Talks About Return

With WWE Fastlane behind us, the road to WWE Survivor Series grows shorter. One of the hot topics this past week leading into the tentpole premium live event has been the speculation around CM Punk potentially returning to the promotion. This year’s Survivor Series is set to take place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, and the backdrop for his return seemed feasible to many.

Fightful reports that despite some fans’ hopes The Second City Savior is WWE-bound, the two sides are not in conversations. It was also stressed that any reports that Punk has re-signed with WWE are false. Those in WWE that Fightful spoke with wanted to make this clear to the fans in hopes of tempering expectations ahead of Survivor Series. Some talent who inquired with management about the rumors Punk is returning were told he was not coming back at this time. As far as some of the CM Punk-esque teases that have been seen on WWE TV, like Shinsuke Nakamura using the GTS, it sounds as if those references were not cleared beforehand.

Interestingly, earlier today, Haus of Wrestling spoke with a source in CM Punk’s camp that heavily gave us the impression the two sides were no longer in talks about a return. It was noted to me that WWE is not in a place where they need to pay for a top star like Punk to come in. For his part, it sounds as if Punk feels the “cancer” stigma and other negative connotations will be erased with time, and he sees how a return to WWE if done correctly, could be a no-brainer.

Plans can always change but as of now, it does safely sound like Punk will not be coming back into the WWE fold anytime soon.

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