Ava Shares First Comments Since Meeting With Paul Heyman

This past Tuesday night, WWE NXT and AEW went head-to-head as Dynamite was bumped from its normal timeslot due to MLB Playoffs. When the dust settled, NXT won the night in viewership, but both shows had moments that kept fans talking after the cameras had stopped rolling. One of the brief segments that caught fans’ attention on NXT featured Paul Heyman speaking with The Rock’s daughter, Ava, seemingly about joining The Bloodline. The exchange between the two was captured in kayfabe by NXT’s Anonymous X account.

Ava’s interaction with Heyman is somewhat of a surprise. Until now, she has been a loyal follower of Joe Gacy and his Schism faction. However, with news that The Dyad’s WWE contracts are coming up soon, the maniacal leader let Ava know the group is no more in a backstage segment that aired on WWE NXT No Mercy. Gacy let Ava know that she was never a good fit for his family and to find another one. With Schism no more, that opens the door for her next opportunity, possibly on The Island of Relevancy.

Earlier today, Ava took to X to issue her first statements since meeting with Roman Reigns’ Wiseman.

“Good chat @HeymanHustle,” she began in one tweet before following up with another. “Also its just ava, since everyone’s talking ;)”

Noting she goes as just Ava now would confirm that she has dropped Raine as her in-ring last name. Other potential new last names for the star, if Heyman woos her, could be Johnson or Anoa’i, closer to her real-life family ties. Reigns returns to WWE Friday Night SmackDown tomorrow night, and we may find out then if we will see more between The Rock’s daughter and the generational faction. It is worth noting that The Rock recently teased a WrestleMania 40 match against Reigns, and his daughter’s involvement would certainly raise the stakes if it does happen.

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