Ari Emanuel Reportedly Behind Vince McMahon Losing WWE Creative Power

Last month, WWE merged with UFC to form the new publicly traded company TKO Group Holdings, owned by Ari Emanuel and Endeavor. The two powerhouse companies becoming one has already come with a few changes to the sports entertainment juggernaut. In the immediate aftermath, around one hundred WWE employees were terminated due to overlap between the two brands. Not long after, around thirty WWE talents were released to cut costs further. Now, it appears Emanuel has cast his eye on WWE creative, and a big change has been made.

Sports Illustrated reports that Emanuel has called to remove Vince McMahon from directly dictating the weekly creative direction for WWE, as he has done for decades. Emanuel reportedly thinks that companies run most effectively when people are allowed to do the roles that have been assigned to them. In this case, Paul “Triple H” Levesque is the WWE Chief Content Officer, and Emanuel feels he should be allowed to do his job without interference.

It was noted in the report that McMahon is still the Executive Chairman for TKO and is currently focused on securing new TV rights deals for WWE Raw and NXT. He also has an “iron-clad” contract that ensures he makes a lot of money, but that agreement does not guarantee he retains creative control. It was speculated that McMahon could see the move as a loss of leverage and that his reaction to the news could be very telling.

Haus of Wrestling was told weeks ago by a member of WWE creative that McMahon was no longer calling the shots and that it was just a matter of time until the truth revealed itself. Last week, Emanuel referenced how McMahon’s ability to sell all of his shares at any moment affected the stock’s purchase price. That, along with the federal grand jury subpoena he was served, are also possible reasons that Emanuel called to move McMahon away from creative power.

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