WWE Not Offering Comps For Survivor Series – Exclusive

WWE Survivor Series is over a month away, and the show is already a legitimate sellout. According to WrestleTix, there are no available seats available for the premium live event beyond fifteen combo tickets for both Survivor Series and SmackDown the Friday before. As far as the resale market goes, only 367 are available for purchase if you go that route. The bottom line, the show is going to be packed to the rafters, and tickets are going to become increasingly more difficult to get.

Haus of Wrestling has learned that tickets are in such demand that WWE will not be offering comps to talent and staff working the event. The decision was made weeks ago, and one source told me it is very uncommon for shows to be put on the “no comp” list this far out. Furthermore, another source told me that “since the live events boom, comps have been waaaaaaaaay scaled back.”

WWE has not made it a secret over the last year or so about how well their shows have been drawing. Routinely, the pro wrestling powerhouse has issued press releases touting the various gate and attendance records they are breaking for major shows and markets. This year, WWE has seen record business for the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Backlash, Money In The Bank, SummerSlam, and Fastlane. Their next show, Crown Jewel, will rake in its typical $50 million dollars, adding even more money to their coffers.

The influx in live event business has largely been attributed to Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Nick Khan’s influence following Vince McMahon’s initial retirement last year. Last year’s SummerSlam saw Levesque begin to put his fingerprints on the WWE main roster product, with Damage CTRL being one of his first big creative plays. Around WrestleMania, McMahon began reintroducing himself to the creative process, much to the dismay of talent and many fans. However, since the formal launch of TKO Group Holdings, Ari Emanuel has placed Levesque firmly back in control of WWE creative, noting he is the Chief Content Officer and should be allowed to do his job unencumbered.

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