CJ Perry Can’t Say Miro Likes Her Latest Endeavor – Exclusive

At AEW All Out in Chicago, CJ Perry, formally Lana in WWE, made her official All Elite debut. Following her husband Miro’s victory over Powerhouse Hobbs, the latter took the loss personally and began a beatdown on The Redeemer. This is when Perry’s music hit, and the newly dubbed Hot & Flexible star made her way to the ring for the save, hitting Hobbs in the back with a steel chair. The hit did get the big man’s attention, but before he could get his hands on Perry, Miro leaped to his feet, laying him out. Despite Perry offering her significant other an olive branch, Miro shockingly shook his head and left the ring without embracing her.

This is not the first time the real-life couple has been at odds on TV. Infamously, their relationship went through a series of ups and downs as part of WWE storylines, including an off-the-rails wedding ceremony involving Bobby Lashley and Liv Morgan. Outside the ring, their relationship is on solid footing, but there was one line that Perry has revealed in recent years that Miro would not let her cross, launching an OnlyFans account.

In an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview, I had a chance to speak with Perry about her new site, CJPerry.com, hosted by the premium content creation platform Brand Army. The site has launched a new Hot & Flexible Tier, which she tells me offers “lots of spicy hot stuff,” along with the ability to DM her and see behind-the-scenes videos from AEW. I asked Perry how Miro feels about her latest endeavor and some of the more salacious content that it offers.

“I am not on OnlyFans because my husband said I would get papers in the mail if I did it,” she flatly stated. “This is the compromise. And also, I think, you know, I can’t say he likes it. I can’t say that he’s fond of it by any means. But, you know, life is life. So there’s that.”

“It’s always a catch-22 with him, and I have to remind myself on a daily basis that he’s Bulgarian; he’s not American. And so often, I forget, even though I lived over in Eastern Europe, and sometimes, I just have to go over there, and I’ll be there for a month, and I’m like, ‘Okay, I’ve become very Americanized, very westernized, very, like Kim Kardashian, independent woman.’

“Which is, like, doesn’t always translate to everything over there and Eastern Europe. I think a lot of our conflict has happened, has a lot of times, if I’m real, can be culturally a little bit too. And so, you know, which has been fascinating, actually. Because therapists don’t know different cultures, so, I’m still looking for a Bulgarian-American therapist.”

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