Sting Announces Retirement Date On AEW Dynamite

When it was announced days ago that the legendary Sting would appear live at AEW Dynamite this week with something to say to fans, speculation went wild regarding his possible retirement. Tonight on Dynamite, Sting came out to the ring and began discussing some of the earlier days of his career. Sting reminisced about the time spent working with performers like Buff Bagwell, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair, giving special attention to the importance of Flair to his career.

The WWE Hall of Famer then discussed the many reasons why it’s difficult to give up on being a professional wrestler, making the prospect of going into retirement difficult. Sting referenced his original 2015 retirement, saying it “didn’t sit right” with him, and pointing out that he said back then that nothing was certain for the future. It was then that the former WCW star announced his plans for the immediate future.

“My very first match with AEW was Revolution 2021, and my very last match will be Revolution 2024,” Sting said. “One more key thing that you guys all need to know: the only thing for sure about Sting is my retirement, Revolution 2024, is for sure.”

Since debuting with the company at AEW Winter Is Coming 2020, Sting has been firmly aligned with Darby Allin. As of now, it’s unclear what match Sting plans to go out with, but it’s very likely that Allin will be involved in some form. AEW Revolution has typically taken place in March, giving fans about five months to enjoy Sting before he hangs up his boots once and for all.

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