Ex-AEW Star Claims MJF Made ‘Disparaging Remark’ About Them

Last week, AEW World Champion MJF divided opinion when he took to social media to defend an angle on AEW Dynamite in which Juice Robinson was heavily implied to have targeted him with an antisemitic insult. The segment garnered controversy amongst fans, especially in light of Hamas’ attack on Israel a few days prior, and has seemingly been dropped from AEW programming altogether as there was no mention of the angle on last night’s Dynamite.

Now, MJF has seemingly landed in hot water again after a former star of the promotion recently opened up about their backstage issues with him. In a new video on his YouTube channel, Fuego Del Sol recalled MJF making “a weird disparaging remark” about him prior to his signing with AEW which has damaged his personal opinion of him ever since.

“People aren’t going to like me for this but if I’m honest, I’m not a fan of this guy, to be real, I’m just not. We’re talking about the current AEW World Champion MJF,” Del Sol revealed. “When I say I’m not a fan, I should reiterate that: I try to never let my personal opinion get in the way of someone’s actual talent. He’s talented as all hell. Incredible promo guy, when he does decide to wrestle he puts on incredible matches, he makes himself an attraction.

However, early on in AEW, even before I got signed, he gave me one weird disparaging remark in front of a lot of people backstage. It was off-handed, I’m sure he don’t even remember it, I do though. Some people are gonna go out of their way to critique you or congratulate you or help you out, he stuck to himself in that regard. Never really talked to me and so I don’t think we’re each other’s cup of tea. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s insanely talented and I will never ever let my personal opinion of someone get in the way of how good they are. He’s great.”

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