Backstage WWE News On Plans For WarGames At Survivor Series

We are one month away from WWE Survivor Series, and with a CM Punk return no longer in the cards, anticipation has begun for WarGames. The seminal WCW gimmick match was revived by WWE and Paul “Triple H” Levesque in November 2017 as part of the WWE NXT brand. NXT continued to produce WarGames-themed Takeover events for the next five years, with The Undisputed Era competing in four of them. In 2022, the match was elevated to the WWE main roster, finding a spot at Survivor Series, which has traditionally featured multi-man matches. With Levesque firmly in control of WWE creative once again, many fans are expecting the brutal bout to return for Thanksgiving weekend.

WrestleVotes reports that the WWE creative team has gone back and forth about whether to present the match this year at Survivor Series, but it looks like it will happen. They noted that within the last few weeks, the double steel cage match was penciled in to take place with just Raw stars. However, a source they spoke with indicated that plans may be changing.

Fightful reports that a promo exchange between Raw and SmackDown GMs Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis, respectively, this past Friday night was intended to reference the upcoming WarGames match at Survivor Series. They have also said that the match is likely to be a men’s match and that they have heard The Judgment Day as rumored combatants.

Haus of Wrestling was told by a source that the match will likely be some kind of Raw and SmackDown match. While it is possible the two brands are pitted against each other, it could also be a “hybrid” bout with Raw and SmackDown talents competing alongside and against each other.

Haus of Wrestling will be on-site at the All-State Arena for WWE Survivor Series on November 25. Be sure to stay with us for all your coverage heading into the big event.