Ricky Starks Admits He Was Frustrated With Lead-Up To AEW All Out

Back at AEW All Out, Ricky Starks faced Bryan Danielson in a grueling No Disqualification Strap Match in what was Danielson’s first match back in the promotion after recovering from a broken arm. However, it’s said that this wasn’t the original plan for Starks at the pay-per-view as reports leading up to the show claimed that Starks was initially set to challenge CM Punk for the ‘Real’ AEW World Championship. Punk’s suspension, and subsequent termination from the promotion, due to the backstage events at All In caused the match to be scrapped.

In a new interview with the Black Rasslin’ Podcast, Starks has given his perspective on the situation for the very first time and admitted that the situation surrounding his match on the pay-per-view was very frustrating.

“Here’s the truth about it, the circumstances leading up to the strap match was very chaotic and a point of frustration for me,” Starks admitted. “If you saw that Collision, I went out and started the show with a very heartfelt message that I wanted to get to people. It wasn’t me whining and complaining, it was more of a message of ‘Look, even somebody like me, even somebody who is dedicated and puts in the work takes the steps back due to outside sources.’

The former FTW Champion went on to discuss how blown away he was at the reaction to his match with Danielson at the event, claiming that the surprise reaction reignited passion and inspiration within him.

“That match in itself, I had no expectations for it, didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I thought Bryan is a great dude, didn’t realise his arm was still kind of injured or something so that was something to keep in mind. Afterwards, the reception of it was so overwhelming for me that on the flight home, I was looking through my text messages and just a lot of people were like, ‘Man, that was amazing.’

It really touched something into me where I kind of found myself again. Not saying that I lost myself, but something that was dormant woke back up. I felt so inspired and I was just moved by it because I didn’t have any expectations about it and I went out there and I gave it 1,000%. I put everything that I had into it to the point where I was just so exhausted.”

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