Major Update On The Future Of Former WWE NXT Star Sareee

Japanese female pro wrestling league Sukeban has just issued the following press release announcing they have signed former WWE NXT star Sareee to a multi-year contract.

Sukeban Signs Sareee to Multi-Year Contract

Regarded among the most talented wrestlers in the world, Sareee joins the star-studded Sukeban roster

Sareee will make her Sukeban debut at the company’s second event in Miami this December after choosing to join the Cherry Bomb Girls stable

New York, NY (November 6, 2023) – Sukeban, a Japanese female wrestling league, today announced that it has signed Sareee to a multi-year contract, with the world-class performer set to debut at Sukeban’s second event, which will take place next month in Miami. Sareee today announced that she has chosen to join her longtime friends in Sukeban’s Cherry Bomb Girls stable.

In her Sukeban debut match, Sareee will take part in a Special Attraction Four Way Match pitting one member from each of Sukeban’s four stables. The match will see Sareee (Cherry Bomb Girls) take on Countess Saori (Dangerous Liaisons), Atomic Banshee (Vandals), and Babyface (Harajuku Stars), with one fall to a finish.

Joining Sukeban’s roster marks the return to the United States for Sareee, a former WWE performer who is widely regarded as one of the most talented and underutilized pro-wrestlers in the world.

Sareee epitomizes the spirit of All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, serving as a link to the glory days of Joshi pro-wrestling.

The announced card for Sukeban’s Miami event so far includes:

Sukeban World Championship Match
Ichigo Sayaka vs. Commander Nakajima

Special Attraction Four Way Match
Sareee vs. Countess Saori vs. Atomic Banshee vs. Babyface

Sukeban will release more details about the upcoming Miami event in the coming days.

For more information, visit and follow Sukeban on Instagram, TikTok, and X at @sukeban_world.

After successfully making a name for herself in Japan, starting in 2011, Saree signed with WWE in 2020 but continued to wrestle in Japan until 2021. Once she relocated to the United States, she debuted in NXT under the slightly altered ring name of Sarray. Toward the end of the year, she was repackaged as a schoolgirl who had returned home to Japan and reconnected with her grandmother, who gave her an antique medallion with special powers.

The gimmick was not wholly embraced by the fans, who never seemed to take to the star after she was repackaged. Her final WWE match occurred in July 2022, where she unsuccessfully challenged Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship. She was not seen again on WWE TV following the loss and parted ways with the company in March 2023.