Backstage News On CM Punk And WWE Return Rumors

This past weekend, a rumor flared up online that CM Punk was set for a call with members of the WWE board and that his return to the promotion could be imminent. The supposed news caught many fans off-guard, as WWE higher-ups have played down the notion The Second City Saint is returning, and an appearance at Survivor Series appearance is off the table. This is something Haus of Wrestling has been able to verify independently as well.

Shortly after the rumor began to take hold, Punk took to his Instagram Stories to poke fun at the story.

“Meeting with Phil Zacko and Jack Tunney at the China club, brother,” he wrote. His post also included a screenshot of a recent Wrestlenomics report showing him as a top AEW merchandise seller. Danhausen is also listed as a top AEW merchandise seller even though he has been off AEW TV for eight months and received a tag from Punk in the post.

Last night, during a WrestlePurists livestream, @BackupHangman, who has regularly provided insight from “CM Punk’s camp,” shed some light on the current relationship between Punk and WWE. As it stands, Punk remains physically ready to return to WWE and compete, which the sports entertainment juggernaut seems to think is an opportunity they can call upon at any time. If the company does become interested in bringing Punk in, it is believed that The Second City Savior will talk to WWE President Nick Khan directly and not with the board of directors. This aligns with what Haus of Wrestling has been hearing about the dynamic between the two sides.

Regarding the perceived CM Punk teases on WWE TV by Shinsuke Nakamura, Seth Rollins, and others, the former AEW and WWE World Champion seems to be puzzled by them. As it stands, there continue to be no talks between Punk and WWE, but there could be other opportunities on the table for him going into 2024. One big opportunity could be a match at WWE WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, where Punk could work with an available talent.