Young Bucks Set For Match With Major Stakes At AEW Full Gear

AEW Full Gear is less than two weeks away, and the pay-per-view is taking place in the backyard of the Young Bucks: Los Angeles, California. Despite winning a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships at a time of their choosing more than a month ago, and recently losing the ROH trios titles, the Bucks didn’t have a match scheduled for Full Gear – until tonight.

During AEW Dynamite, Matt and Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks approached Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho in a pre-taped segment backstage. The new attitude that the brothers had on display last week returned tonight, making it even more clear that the Young Bucks have turned heel. Matt confronted Omega and Jericho over their new team, implying that Omega had left them behind and Jericho was simply trying to cash in on their success. During the exchange of words, Jericho told the Young Bucks he believed he and Omega could beat them, prompting a challenge.

“There’s a show in our hometown – Los Angeles,” Matt said. “It’s called Full Gear. … How about Kenny Omega, our best friend, [and] Chris Jericho vs. Matt and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks – the best damn tag team of all time?”

Jericho replied that he liked the idea, but suggested raising the stakes by putting the Young Bucks’ title shot on the line. In return, Matt said that if the Young Bucks win, Omega must stop tagging with Jericho and return to The Elite. Omega made it clear he had no desire to wrestle the Young Bucks, but he had proved before that he could beat them in a tag match.

“If you really want to do this tag team thing all over again, we’ll do it,” Omega said. “And then maybe you’ll clean up your act and, maybe, quite frankly, you’ll stop acting like a bunch of sissy, whiny, bitchy children.” Omega seemed to be referring to comments made by CM Punk following AEW All Out 2022, with Matt responding to Omega by saying he’d been called that before.

The fourth member of The Elite, “Hangman” Adam Page, is busy dealing with Swerve Strickland, leaving him out of the current storyline for the time being. One way or the other, the dynamic between Omega and the Young Bucks will be changed heading out of Full Gear next week, making it questionable what kind of situation Page will walk back into.