More Details On NWA Frustrations; Updated Response From EC3 – Exclusive

Yesterday, Haus of Wrestling published a report based on what we have heard from multiple sources regarding frustrations within the NWA with Billy Corgan’s leadership. As part of that report, we included a statement from NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 based on some of the findings we provided him prior to its release. He requested we print his comments in total, and we were happy to run them as he sent them to us.

Last night, we received a follow-up response from EC3 regarding the totality of our report, which he was not given before its release. Carter has requested we run his latest comments in full and they can be found below. We showed Carter’s response to some of the sources we spoke with for our original report about frustrations within the NWA and received a few responses that can be found at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for keeping the words of mine you included in your article “verbatim.” I appreciate that.

While you had my time yesterday, I would’ve been happy to answer any of the other “reported” material from your “source.” While I am not on the inside of business dealings, I am a secondary source who is not afraid to put my name to the information I give. For clarification, these are other points reported we did not discuss, but are free to quote me on.

“WWE NXT will move to The CW in October 2024. The announcement was all the more surprising because The NWA, owned by Billy Corgan, recently signed a pair of deals with the top twenty network. “

I don’t recall if NWA as a company or WPC named CW as the network specifically. I, or talent were never specifically told we had signed with. CW. A talent being “blindsided” by NXT’s move to CW is their own fault for believing unvetted internet speculation. Personally, I had knowledge that NXT was in discussions with CW, but I also keep business in house.

I do not have any further information on any TV DEALS or locations, as I will be told when it’s deemed time to be told.

“Haus of Wrestling has learned that Corgan withdrew from those close to him yesterday and did not want to discuss the situation. As we reported over the weekend, it was Corgan’s idea to do the Father James Mitchell segment at NWA Samhain, which resulted in The CW being inundated with negative social media messages about the spot.”

WPC was available to text yesterday, though our conversations were not in regard to this “news.” I also imagine being a husband, a father of two, recording an album, planning a stadium tour, and running a wrestling company leave limited time for all conversations to be followed through.

As far as James Mitchell’s “spot” being Corgan’s “idea”, I don’t know. I do know I was fortunate to sit on this production meeting and it wasn’t written nor discussed while I was present.

Re: Pat Kenney “One source described him as the “Johnny Ace of the NWA” and as someone you only talk to if you are in trouble or getting signed. Billy is in charge of contract offers and creative.”

Pat is head of Talent Relations, in that retrospect he is “Johnny Ace of NWA.” Pat is available to talk about far more than “being in trouble” or “being signed.” Pat provides guidance, insight, expertise at all times, and as a former talent himself allows talent to find their way creatively over micromanaging.

“We heard from multiple people who said they do not know what will happen with their booking at NWA tapings until the day of the show, sometimes as close to an hour before filming.”

Again, “day of plans” is not a NWA thing. It is an “every wrestling company… ever” thing. If you have sources in AEW and WWE, you can confirm this with them. The entire card for TV was posted very early in the day. While I was not involved in every segment, and perhaps matches/pretapes were changed, again that is where talent and professionalism is shown by being able to deliver in any circumstance.

“Some of those talents are frustrated by Corgan’s leadership and are already looking into other places they can work when their deals are done in hopes of not having to re-sign.”

People have feelings, they are free to feel how they choose. As an independent contractor, talents are also free to negotiate with any prospective employer when their contracts end. They, and the company, are in their rights to do what is best for their respective business. If talents are truly frustrated, they are also free to discuss their current contracts and early exits of their deals. It’s far more conducive than complaining anonymously on the internet.

The business is cyclical, talents are gears in a machine, and no one is bigger than the business. Myself included.

Re: Tests and “Corgan to be overly critical of a talent who has done nothing wrong to see how they take it.”

If there are “tests” (which to be fair, I know of none) again, they may be to test competency and ability in imperfect circumstances (which in wrestling, there are no perfect circumstances)

For a boss to be “overly critical”, it can also be interpreted as a boss who “cares for quality.” In hindsight, I’m probably far more critical about what I see at TV than WPC. Maybe it’s the years of “overtly critical” and “tests” and “done nothing wrong” I experienced through 2 WWE and DEVELOPMENTAL runs that jaded my perspective on a “professional’s feelings.”

Also, constructive criticism is a key to growth, and I thank all I have ever received. Especially the most critical.

“It was also pointed out to us that most NWA talents under contract are younger.”

Building the future through youth, growing and cultivating your own new stars is a smart strategy in building a foundation for a growing business. I don’t understand if this was reported as a negative, forgive me if it’s not.

A healthy mix of youth with a growth mindset and capable veterans able to guide them, while still delivering, is a combination I agree with. I’m fortunate enough to have a small part in seeking the future with NWA-Exodus, and can proudly say I had over a dozen young talents I believe in take part in Sawhin and TV tapings.

As a veteran myself, it makes me work that much harder as a leader (to show by example) and a talent (to hold my spot until someone is capable of taking it.)

I plan on being champion for 3 years and 33 days, so that’s not soon by any means.

But I also plan on leaving the company better than when I found it. That should be the goal of every performer.

Anyways, hopefully these answers provide some clarity on information or personal perspectives your source may have. Again, due to my previous experiences with out of context reporting, speculation stated as fact, and false “narratives” I want to make sure the public has as much information as possible in making their own opinion.

Thank you,
ec3 (the World’s Champion)

One of the assertions made by Carter in his statement that we received some pushback on was about the knowledge the roster has of the NWA’s deal with The CW. We are told that while the reality show was being filmed, backstage pass lanyards that clearly had The CW logo and a picture of Corgan on them were made. Those passes made everyone aware of who they were filming for, and The CW deals are far from a secret internally. It was noted that Carter may not be involved in the reality series, but we were definitely met with skepticism that he is unaware of what is happening between the NWA and The CW.

“Even the extras who hang out at the show know it’s the CW,” was one anecdote relayed to us.

We were also told that the “cocaine spot” at NWA Samhain was “100%” talked about in the production meeting. As Carter said, he may not have been present for the part where it was discussed, as these meetings can be very long, but it was absolutely discussed. The commentators and production team being ready to set it up and film it is a pretty obvious giveaway that there was an awareness it was happening.

Concerning talent being allowed to talk with management about their contracts if they are unhappy, we are told that is not a realistic option. Talent, especially younger talent, does not have much leverage when those situations arise, and if they do want out early, they have to sign NDAs.

In a 2021 interview with Fightful, former NWA Television Champion Zicky Dice confirmed that when asking for his release, he was presented with “this long NDA that which basically said if I say anything about the NWA, the friends, and family of NWA, for the rest of my life, they can come back and sue me for it. I had to lawyer up then.” (h/t to Fightful for the transcription)

Finally, regarding general frustrations among the roster about getting their creative direction close to showtime, we were given a clearer picture of why “the majority of talent” is frustrated. It was relayed to us that it is common knowledge within the promotion that they are wrestling for an audience of one: Billy Corgan. This was meant to be literal, as it was pointed out that when the NWA runs shows in Chicago, Corgan can be seen in the audience cheering with fans instead of being backstage running the show.

“What other owner does that?” a source quipped.

It is not just the fact talent is given their creative so close to showtime; the deeper issue seems to be that talent feels their creative is not fully thought out and rarely results in any meaningful follow-up. We were told that it is not uncommon for talent to film promos or pre-tapes setting up angles that Corgan forgets about, go nowhere, or are dramatically altered. There is more focus on the main event and title-holding talent, but the rest of the card has little thought put into it, and matches are thrown together and filmed just to create content. Up to thirty-eight matches can be filmed in a single day of tapings.