Clarification On Photo Bruce Prichard Tweeted And Deleted – Exclusive

Bruce Prichard wears many hats in the world of professional wrestling. In his fifty years in the business, he has served as a booker, commentator, and even a beloved manager, Brother Love. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director of WWE Raw and SmackDown, on top of his responsibilities as the host of the popular podcast Something To Wrestle.

Earlier today, Prichard tweeted and deleted a photo of a golden watch on his X account. We received some inquiries from readers about what was intended by the tweet, with some interpreting it that he could be signaling his retirement. In the past, golden watches have been given as gifts to tenured members of companies, not necessarily WWE.

Haus of Wrestling has learned that Prichard is a big fan of watches and intended to send the photo to a friend and not publish it on social media. Prichard is a known “watch guy” who buys and trades them. As soon as he realized the mistake, he quickly took the tweet down, not knowing the speculation it would create. It was also relayed that Prichard finds it “hilarious” that this even became a story.

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown will feature the fallout from this past Saturday’s Crown Jewel premium live event.