Logan Paul Retires From Boxing To Become Full-Time WWE Star

This past weekend at WWE Crown Jewel, Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to become the new WWE United States Champion. It was the most significant victory of his WWE career, which has already seen him pick up big wins over marquee names like The Miz and Ricochet. Outside of WWE, Paul has found success in various areas, including social media and boxing, where he holds an undefeated record, with his latest victory being over Dillon Danis.

In an interview with Fox Business, Paul was asked whether his big WWE title win means that he is done as a boxer.

“Yeah, I think I’ve retired from boxing,” he said. “I think I’ve done enough in this sport, going fully undefeated at 25 and 0. So yeah, I’m gonna be a wrestler now.”

Paul was then pressed about the money to be made in boxing compared to his new career in WWE.

“There’s no more money in boxing,” he laughed. “Every company is going broke. So, full-time wrestler. As it stands, I beat Ray Mysterio fair and square for the US championship. It was great.”

Of course, Paul’s comment that he beat Mysterio “fair and square” has to be tongue in cheek, as, much like his victory over Ricochet at SummerSlam, he had to have one of his entourage members hand him brass knuckles to get the job done.

“It was a dominant performance,” he beamed. “I have to be honest. Yeah, some frog splashes, some punches. It was good. I feel good.”

As the new WWE United States Champion, many might expect that Paul will be on tonight’s episode of SmackDown to celebrate. However, based on his social media posts, it appears Paul is currently in New York City promoting a big PRIME energy drink contest and is nowhere near Columbus, OH, the home of tonight’s show. He is not currently advertised for the show.

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