Darby Allin Helped Reunite Estranged Jackass Cast Members

Recently, at a Nitro Circus show, Darby Allin once again displayed his daredevil skills when he attempted to do a backflip off a massive ramp while riding an oversized tricycle. I say Allin attempted because he could not land the tricycle on its wheels, which he has done in the past. Instead, he crashed into the ramp right onto his already injured shoulder. Undaunted, Allin leaped to his feet with a big smile, celebrating his latest brush with death.

This was just another day at the office for the young AEW star. Allin, an avid skateboarder and daredevil, is friends with the Jackass crew, and Johnny Knoxville, the creator of Jackass, was one of the founders of Nitro Circus. The depth of Allin’s friendship with the group of juvenile delinquents was put on full display in an episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast when Jackass original shared a story about recently hanging out with the face-painted pro wrestler.

“Darby Allin, he’s pretty tight with Bam (Margera),” Steve-O said. “He came over, and he’s skating the ramp a couple of days, and I was like, ‘Hey man, I’ve lost touch with Bam. I don’t have a number for him; I don’t have anything. You know? I want Bam to see my ramp, dude. Could you text him this clip?’

“And Darby let me know that Bam got back to him, and Bam asked, ‘Was Steve-O talking shit about me?’ And Darby said, ‘No, he wasn’t. He just wants you to skate his ramp.’ The craziest part of why I brought up Darby Allin is that he told me Bam’s got his alcohol monitor bracelet off. I was shocked. He’s got it off, that’s crazy.”

Margera is a fellow founding member of Jackass and has been struggling with substance abuse issues for years. 2023 was a particularly rocky year for the troubled celebrity, as he unsuccessfully bounced in and out of rehab. Steve-O attempted to help Margera, who had pneumonia in January, battle his addiction after he got out of the hospital, going so far as to invite him to be part of his touring stage show. Unfortunately, Margera could not keep it together, and the two had a falling out until, apparently, Allin played a role in bringing them back together.

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