Effy Claims He Turned Down The NWA: ‘I Said, Go F-ck Yourself’

There is arguably no more popular pro wrestler not signed to WWE or AEW than Effy. The outspoken, brash, and eccentric star has made a name for himself in Game Changer Wrestling and elsewhere with his in-ring talents and blunt thoughts on the business. Notably, a few years ago, Effy called on the industry to book LGBTQ+ talent throughout the year, not just during Pride Month, which had become common practice. In the wake of that, he launched his Big Gay Brunch series, which has served to feature some of the top LGBTQ+ talent that pro wrestling has to offer.

On an episode of his podcast, Weekend At Effy’s, he revealed how he reacted when the NWA recently approached him to work for them.

“You know what I told Billy Corgan? I said, go f-ck yourself,” he stated. “They asked me to come work the NWA; did you know that? They begged. They had multiple people call me to come work NWA. And you know what I said? I’m not helping you. And they said Tyrus isn’t here anymore. And you know what I said? You leaned into what Tyrus was doing, which was hate speech and Fox News bullshit, for such a long period that It f-cked you. And now you want Effy to come in and fix things and do a PR job? No, I’m not helping you.

“I don’t need you, and I’m not helping your company look competent. And then what happens? You blow your TV deal with The CW because, oh, the GCW guys are all smoking crack? Is that the rumor going around? No. The NWA guys are doing fake cocaine live on the air, getting pulled off of FITE TV, and losing their TV deals. Oh my god. You want Effy to come in? All right. Well, guess what? It’s as easy as giving me $50 million, you stupid dumb ass piece of shit. Go be a rat in a cage. Dumb-ass Billy Corgan, you f-cking loser.”

Haus of Wrestling contacted FITE regarding what Effy said about their relationship with the NWA and was told that it has never been better. FITE has not severed its ties to Corgan and the NWA, and we are told they are actively working with the promotion on a show they will be promoting early next year.

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