Backstage WWE News On Plans For The LWO Once Rey Mysterio Returns

This past Friday night on WWE SmackDown, Rey Mysterio found himself on the wrong side of a beatdown from fellow LWO stablemate Santos Escobar. The two men were put at odds by Carlito, also in the LWO, who accused Escobar of not doing enough to help Mysterio retain the WWE United States Championship at Crown Jewel. At the big show in Saudi Arabia, one of Logan Paul’s entourage members fed him a pair of brass knuckles to try and win the match, as he did against Ricochet at SummerSlam. While Escobar was able to run off the member of Paul’s entourage, the knuckles were dropped on the ring apron and used by Paul to secure his first WWE title win.

Earlier this week, Mysterio announced that he had undergone knee surgery following the attack. Haus of Wrestling confirmed that the surgery was for a torn meniscus and that he is only expected to be out of action for six to eight weeks. Last year, Mysterio confirmed that he had undergone twelve surgeries on his left knee, on top of surgeries for a torn bicep.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, they confirmed Haus of Wrestling’s report and explained what they have heard about what creative plans are for Mysterio and the LWO once he returns. According to the Observer, the LWO is destined for a “group versus group” feud once Mysterio is recovered and returns to WWE TV. One of the groups will consist of Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde, while Mysterio will be aligned with Carlito and possibly others. While not explicitly stated, Bad Bunny has history with Mysterio and could theoretically return to help even the odds.

There was no update on the future of the LWO faction as a whole, as it is possible the group disbands or the two factions feud for control of it.