Backstage News On Bryan Danielson’s Role In AEW Firing CM Punk

One day and some odd hours before this year’s AEW All Out, it was announced that CM Punk had been terminated from the promotion “with cause.” The announcement was quickly followed by a video statement from AEW President Tony Khan, who made it clear Punk’s firing was ultimately his call. Khan also infamously noted that he feared for his life during the backstage altercation between Punk and Jack Perry at AEW All In.

Fightful reports that while Khan made the final call on Punk, he had a tenured voice helping to make the decision: Bryan Danielson. Danielson is said to have headed up and was the face of the disciplinary committee that told Khan it was time to part ways with Punk. The committee also consisted of AEW General Council Chris Peck and two other lawyers who were not Megha Parekh, who had already stepped back from many of her AEW responsibilities. One AEW wrestler they spoke with described Danielson as having the “appropriate moral compass who exemplifies objectivity” regarding his inclusion on the panel.

Yesterday, The American Dragon shared the following on X, prompting some to speculate what he meant with his cryptic message.

“My dad always told me, ‘The right thing is often the hardest thing to do,'” he began. “It won’t always make the most money. It won’t always be the most popular. But it’s still the right thing. #AEW

Per the report, Danielson’s post references something he said to the AEW locker room following Punk’s termination. After the decision was made, Danielson spoke with the roster about the tough decision the company was put in the position of making. He did highlight some of the positives when it came to working with Punk, along with their long friendship, but ultimately conceded he felt it was the right decision to make. Danielson continues to serve on AEW’s disciplinary committee and is responsible for handing out fines when wrestlers overstep.