Jon Moxley Shares His Thoughts On CM Punk Returning To WWE

What was thought to be impossible was made possible this past Saturday when CM Punk made his stunning return to WWE to close out Survivor Series: WarGames. While Punk simply appeared at the Premium Live Event without saying a word, fans didn’t have to wait long to hear the former AEW mainstay’s first WWE comments in almost a decade as he appeared on Raw just days later. His relatively straightforward promo has since recieved mixed reactions from fans and now, even one of Punk’s former AEW rivals Jon Moxley.

In a new interview with Liam Crowley of Comicbook, the former AEW World Champion was asked directly for his thoughts on Punk returning to WWE and his subsequent promo on Raw. Moxley admitted that he hadn’t seen Punk’s recent promo but was cryptic regarding his thoughts on the return as a whole: “You don’t want to know what I think. I didn’t see it,” Moxley replied. “You do not want to know what I think (laughs).”

Speculation arose following Punk’s Raw appearance on Monday thanks to one moment where he appeared to take a shot at The Young Bucks. As the show went off the air, Punk pumped his hands and circled one-half of the ring. The movement was interpreted by some as a victory lap, similar to the one The Bucks infamously did during the AEW Collision tapings the day Punk was terminated from the company.

However, Haus of Wrestling was told by those close to Punk yesterday that he was simply reacting to the moment and the action was not meant to be a shot at The Young Bucks whatsoever. Furthermore, it was reiterated that Punk has no plans to address the drama that occurred in AEW, is simply looking to move on from the situation entirely and if he was going to recreate what The Bucks did, he would have been much more direct about it.