Former WWE Writer Against CM Punk Vs. Steve Austin Match – Exclusive

The pro wrestling world has been abuzz since a Fightful report was released yesterday, teasing that a CM Punk versus Steve Austin match could be on the way. The two brash, loud-mouthed stars helped to define their eras, and a bout between them has been a dream for many fans for over a decade. If the epic collision does take place, it will likely be after Punk finishes up a program with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freaking” Rollins, which seems to be on the horizon.

On today’s episode of Rumor & Innuendo, former WWE creative team member Robert Karpeles weighed in on the possibility of the dream match taking place.

“This feels like people wanted this to happen about ten years ago,” he stated. “I personally don’t want to see this happen in 2024 because it’s not going to be in the form that we want it to be. We got very, very lucky that the Steve Austin and Kevin Owens match was able to come across the way that it did. Nobody got embarrassed; nothing looked really out of place.

“But then you think back to this past WrestleMania and that Vince McMahon Stunner and you just don’t want that sort of risk to happen. I think that the two of them standing face to face with one another, cutting a promo, having a segment, and doing something with minimal physicality. Maybe that’s going to satisfy some people. I don’t think a full-on Steve Austin – CM Punk match is going to do anybody any favors. I think the Punk – Rollins storyline and match is a lot more interesting than this, which feels a lot like fan service, and it’s just going to be diminished returns.”

Karpeles further noted that a segment like The Rock confronting The Wyatt Family would be more appropriate for Punk and Austin than an actual bout. He also pushed back on the dynamics of the feud, pointing out that Punk would likely have to play heel in that situation, which could affect the monster merchandise sales he and the company are seeing.

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