Lash Legend Bodyslams Otis On WWE NXT (Video)

Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT saw Meta-Four’s Lash Legend, Oro Mensah, and Noam Dar compete in mixed tag team action against The Alpha Academy’s Maxxine, Otis, and Chad Gable. It was the fun exhibition you expected from all involved, but one spot in particular is catching fire on social media. At one point during the bout, Otis attempted to run at Legend, who sidestepped and then dropped him with an impressive bodyslam.

The spectacular sight brought the audience to their feet, but the moment was quickly dashed as Maxxine hit Legend with a top rope hurricanrana. Ultimately, the babyfaces were able to pick up the victory, leaving the Meta-Four eating a loss despite some big moments.

Elsewhere on tonight’s show, a teary Wes Lee announced that he had to undergo surgery and did not know when he would return to action. Because of that, he will no longer be able to face Dominik Mysterio for the WWE NXT North American Championship this Saturday at NXT Deadline. However, Dominik will not be getting the night off, as his father, Rey, will be in the corner of his new opponent, SmackDown star Dragon Lee.