Backstage News On Why WWE Did Sami Zayn Injury Angle

This past Monday night on WWE Raw, Sami Zayn and Drew McIntyre kicked off the show with a heated promo exchange. In it, Zayn questioned whether McIntyre’s family would be proud of his recent heelish actions and attitude. An incensed McIntyre proceeded to ask for a referee to come to the ring so he could beat down Zayn, which he did. During the match, Zayn appeared to be favoring one of his knees, and backstage, after the match was over, McIntyre executed a surprise attack focusing on his knee.

The Wrestling Observer reports that the attack was because Zayn requested to take some time off. WWE has granted the request, but he is apparently unaware of when his time off will begin. He was told he is not scheduled for the December 28 WWE Holiday Tour live event in Laval, Quebec, which would traditionally be built around him due to his relationship with the area. It was noted that it is still possible for Zayn to be called upon to perform at the show.

Zayn taking time off now could keep him fresh for a return at the WWE Royal Rumble next month, but that is purely speculation. With his feud with The Bloodline on ice and his tag team with Kevin Owens done for the time being, this seems like a good time to take Zayn off TV and bring him back with something fresh. The Rumble is traditionally a great way to bring back talent off TV and insert them into programs leading into WWE WrestleMania. Who Zayn will wrestle at this year’s big show is anyone’s guess.

Zayn tore the house down at WWE WrestleMania 38 in a No Disqualification match against Jackass star Johnny Knoxville. The match over-delivered on action and featured big moments like Wee Man slamming Zayn and Knoxville pinning him in a giant mousetrap. He returned to Mania this year in a Night One main event role, teaming with Owens to successfully beat The Usos for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.