Seth Rollins Regrets This Part Of His Tirade Against CM Punk

We are nearly two weeks removed from CM Punk returning to the WWE, and his on-screen future with the company is beginning to take shape. Tonight’s WWE SmackDown will see Punk appearing, possibly to tease a program down the road with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The Second City Savior will return to WWE TV on Monday Night Raw, where he is expected to sign with the brand and formally kick-start a feud with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freaking” Rollins. Rollins infamously had a meltdown at Survivor Series after Punk returned to the company, and in the days that followed, it was reported he was working everyone with his actions.

In an interview for the SI Media podcast, Rollins was asked if he was working the fans with his reaction or was shooting with how he felt.

“Like I said, it was an extremely emotional moment for me,” he said. “Everyone knows how I feel about CM Punk. I have not made it any more transparent over the past few years; nothing has changed in that regard. And in that moment, I was extremely emotional, and you got, you got a lot of real raw emotion from me. I don’t, I don’t usually get that, that worked up about much. But you caught me off guard, and there was a lot of real emotion there. So, that’s probably about as much as I can say on that without, you know, without going too far.”

It was noted that Rollins used many uncharacteristically bad words during his ringside tirade.

“I did, and I regret that part of it because I do take my responsibility as a role model for our younger audience pretty seriously,” he lamented. “And so that part of it, I do have regrets over, I wish I would have handled myself with a little bit more composure. But like I said, I can’t take it back. I can apologize to our younger audience and their families if I offended anybody, but, you know, it was what it was. A moment in time.”

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