Seth Rollins Reveals Who Calmed Him Down After CM Punk Return

This past Monday night, General Manager Adam Pearce informed Seth “Freaking” Rollins that he intends to sign CM Punk to the WWE Raw brand. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion seemed unphased by Pearce’s decision, which strongly contrasted with how he reacted toward Punk at Survivor Series. Following his WarGames victory over The Judgment Day, Rollins could be seen ringside erupting into a profane-filled rant as Punk made his presence known on the entrance ramp. His tirade reportedly continued into the backstage area, but his reaction to the situation was reportedly exaggerated in hopes of working the fans.

In an interview on the SI Media podcast, Rollins was asked how things continued to unfold in the locker room area once he had made his way back through the curtain.

“My wife was there, and I had a few people to kind of corral me, I suppose,” he recalled. “I will say, you know, my wife is pretty good at understanding my temperament and knowing how to make sure that I’m level when I need to be so kudos to her. She made sure I didn’t get in any more trouble. But yeah, there were enough people there knew that I would be upset in the moment and to take care of me, and make sure that it didn’t get too chaotic.”

Rollins was pressed on whether he and Punk shared any space backstage after the premium live event was over.

“No, I lost him,” he revealed. “I waited for a while, and he was, I’m sure he was somewhere doing interviews or doing whatever. But I didn’t see him.”

The last time Rollins and Punk faced off in a WWE match was on the December 30, 2013 episode of Raw. At the time, Rollins was a member of The SHIELD and had Dean Ambrose, now Jon Moxley, and Roman Reigns in his corner. Despite the numbers advantage, Punk was able to pick up the win in around seventeen minutes.

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