Backstage AEW News On If Jack Perry Is The Devil

Jack Perry hasn’t been seen on AEW programming since All In almost four months ago where he lost the FTW Championship to Hook on the event’s Zero Hour. Perry infamously called out CM Punk during the match, knocking on the windshield of a car before stating, “You know what this is? Real glass! Go cry me a river” into the camera, in response to Punk arguing with him over the use of real glass on AEW Collision weeks before. When Perry returned backstage, the two got into a legitimate altercation which led to Perry being suspended from the promotion while Punk’s contract was terminated less than a week later.

Speculation on Perry potentially returning to the promotion has run rampant ever since the ending of this week’s AEW Dynamite. After Jon Moxley narrowly defeated Swerve Strickland in the show’s main event, cameras cut to outside the arena where Hangman Adam Page was being assaulted by a group of masked figures. Moments later, The Devil themself arrived in a car and ordered their henchmen to put Page through the vehicle’s windshield. With glass playing a strong factor in The Devil’s attack this week, many suspected this was a hint that the suspended Perry could be the man behind the mask.

However, a new report from Fightful has shot down the rumor. The outlet reports that shortly after the segment aired, an AEW higher-up got into contact with them to share their belief that Jack Perry isn’t involved in the AEW Devil angle. They went on to explain that while Perry’s suspension is now over, and has been for quite some time, he has not been back at the promotion’s events. Additionally, their source noted that Hangman Page will be off AEW programming briefly to sell the effects of the attack.

This isn’t the first time speculation regarding the Devil’s identity has been shot down. Prior to his WWE return, it was reported that the masked individual wasn’t CM Punk. Additionally, New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Rocky Romero admitted that while he wished he was the Devil as they’re about to “make a whole lot of money”, he denied that he’s the one responsible for the mysterious figure.