R-Truth Defeats JD McDonagh In ‘Loser Leaves The Judgment Day’ Match

Tonight’s WWE Raw episode kicked off with an appearance by The Judgment Day. Damian Priest was the first member of the group to grab the microphone and welcomed the crowd to WWE Monday Night Raw. After a few minutes of banter from the purple and black stable, R-Truth made his way to the ring as “What’s Up?” blared out over the speakers. One inside the squared circle, Truth proclaimed that he was now a part of the popular faction due to the beatdown they gave him the week before, which he referred to as an initiation.

The Judgment Day largely did not take well to Truth asserting himself as a new member, with Priest being the only one who seemed to enjoy the former 24/7 Champion teasing his addition. Truth, noticing that the rest of the people in the ring seemed to be “in a fighting mood,” decided that it would be best for him to call out an opponent of his own. This was when Truth challenged JD McDonagh to a “Loser Leaves The Judgment Day Match,” which was initially laughed off before Priest stepped in, saying it was a good idea.

Truth and McDonagh were already announced for a Miracle On 34 Street Fight earlier, so the contest was held under those rules. In the end, Truth was able to drop McDonagh through a table off the top rope, securing the pin. As it stands, it appears Truth is in The Judgment Day, and McDonagh is out.

Stay tuned to see how the rest of the night plays out.