Backstage Injury Updates On Kenny Omega And Charlotte Flair

Over the past two weeks, two of the biggest stars in professional wrestling have been taken out of action for medical reasons: Kenny Omega and Charlotte Flair.  The two wrestlers have become pinnacles for their respective companies and divisions, and the loss of both on TV has been a blow to their fanbases. Omega is a former AEW World Champion, while Flair boasts an impressive fifteen WWE Women’s World Championship reigns between Raw, SmackDown, and NXT.

Fightful reports that Omega is now sidelined indefinitely due to diverticulitis. Omega is said to have felt ill even before his AEW Collision match against Ethan Page last Saturday but pressed through. His condition had worsened by this past Wednesday when he showed up for AEW Dynamite expecting to work in a backstage capacity. Plans changed, and Omega engaged with Chris Jericho, Ricky Starks, and Big Bill in a promo segment on the show.

Immediately after, he sought medical care, which is when he received his diverticulitis diagnosis. It was noted that Omega has been removed from all creative plans, including a planned AEW World Tag Team Championships match at Worlds End and another match that was supposed to occur tomorrow night on Dynamite. Several people backstage that Fightful spoke with said they could tell Omega was in bad shape at the Dynamite taping.

Omega has responded to a fan on social media who believed he got what he deserved since there was an F-5 type move in Fight Forever that was named “Diverticulitis.”

“Wtf you talking about?” he wrote. “Even if I were in charge of EVERYTHING in game dev, I didn’t even know this name existed. I was creative lead in the early stages. That’s it. CAW move lists ain’t part of that. But sure, I deserve everything I get and worse.”

PWInsider reports that Flair suffered a torn ACL, torn meniscus, and torn MCL when she accidentally fell from the top rope on SmackDown a few weeks ago. The is also a belief, but not confirmed, that she suffered a sprained neck. She is set to undergo surgery as soon as it can be expected.