Alexa Bliss Teases WWE Royal Rumble Entry

Alexa Bliss last competed in a WWE ring at the 2023 Royal Rumble, where she unsuccessfully challenged Bianca Belair for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. Following the contest, a dejected Bliss sat in the ring as a Bray Wyatt-esque tease aired in the venue, hinting she may be reverting to his control. Wyatt briefly hinted at a program with Bobby Lashley leading into WWE WrestleMania 39 that many expected Bliss to be involved in. Still, sadly, Wyatt became ill, and the storyline ended abruptly.

Not long after Wyatt was pulled from TV, Bliss announced she was pregnant with her husband, Ryan Cabrera. Due to her pregnancy, Bliss was removed from TV and all WWE storylines. Last month, Bliss finally gave birth to her daughter, Hendrix, and speculation about when she could return to the ring began to build. Bliss is stoking those rumors with a post on her Instagram Stories featuring her walking to the ring with the Royal Rumble logo in the lower corner.

With Bray Wyatt, unfortunately, no longer with us, it will be interesting to see which direction Bliss takes when she returns and if that takes place at the Royal Rumble. Her current profile does not list her as a member of the Raw, SmackDown, or NXT roster, so it appears she is a free agent. Before she feuded with Belair, she had been teaming with Asuka, with whom she won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. With Asuka now firmly embroiled in a program with Damage CTRL on SmackDown, it seems unlikely Bliss will resume teaming with her.

Other talents left as free agents following the WWE Draft earlier this year chose to continue their careers in NXT. Mustafa Ali and Dana Brooke attempted to find career resurgence there but were unfortunately let go as part of the September releases. Both will become free agents tomorrow when their 90-day non-competes expire. Baron Corbin has found much more success on the yellow and black brand and recently challenged Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship. Haus of Wrestling has been told Corbin enjoys working in NXT and may not be headed back to the main roster immediately.