Mustafa Ali And Other Former WWE Stars Become Free Agents Tomorrow

Following Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE and the subsequent merger of UFC and WWE into TKO Group Holdings earlier this year, Haus of Wrestling exclusively reported that major cuts were coming to the rosters of both the main roster and NXT. Unfortunately, those cuts occurred on September 21st and led to well over 20 talents being released from the company including notable names like Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, Emma, Shelton Benjamin, and Dana Brooke. Ali’s release was particularly surprising given his appearance on NXT just days before.

Some of those released have already made their presence felt on the independents since their unexpected WWE departures. Mace and Mansoor, formerly of Maximum Male Models, made a surprise appearance at a Deadlock Pro Wrestling event earlier this month but they, like all other talent released as part of that batch, are unable to wrestle due to their active non-compete clauses.

However, that’s all set to change as of tomorrow. December 21st will mark the end of the non-compete clauses of all talents released on September 21st, officially making them free agents. All those released on that date were subject to WWE’s standard non-compete clause, which lasts exactly three months from the date of their release, meaning anyone let go from the company on that date will freely be able to compete for, and even sign to, any promotion they’d like.

The full list of known talent who were released back in September, and are expected to become free agents tomorrow as a result, are as follows: