Clarification On WWE’s New Deal With Rey Mysterio – Exclusive

After a successful career in WCW and elsewhere, Rey Mysterio went to WWE, where he assembled a Hall of Fame resume. Rey is a three-time WWE World Champion on top of his runs with the Intercontinental, United States, Cruiserweight, and Tag Team Championships, among other accolades. At the moment, Rey is out with an injury. As Haus of Wrestling has reported, he should return to WWE TV within a few weeks.

Yesterday, Wrestling Observer reported that Mysterio, like his son Dominik, has re-signed with WWE but did not give further details, like the length of the deal. Haus of Wrestling has confirmed that Rey has signed a new three-year deal with WWE.

Haus of Wrestling has not been able to confirm the length of Dominik’s deal. However, Dominik’s is believed to be a little longer, five years. Haus of Wrestling has also confirmed that, despite the injuries he has accrued, Rey plans to continue wrestling throughout his new contract.

Rey’s last WWE match occurred at Crown Jewel on November 4, where he unsuccessfully defended the United States Championship against Logan Paul. As part of our exclusive reporting about Rey’s injury and recovery time, we noted that Rey had been working through a torn meniscus for about three months heading into defense. The injury had slowly worsened, and Rey agreed to drop the title to Paul before he took time away for minor surgery. On the WWE SmackDown after Crown Jewel, Santos Escobar viciously attacked Rey, giving the masked legend a storyline reason to take time off TV.

Rey’s impending return puts him in a position to resume his feud with Escobar and enter the Royal Rumble. While a longshot to win at this point in his career, it will give him the opportunity to create moments with Cody Rhodes and CM Punk, who have already announced their entry into the men’s match. Since Rey and Dominik are still at odds, it would seem the two will collide once more at some point. At WWE WrestleMania 39, Rey defeated Dominik in singles action earlier this year.