Backstage WWE News On Dominik Mysterio Signing A New Deal

Dominik Mysterio lost the WWE NXT North American Championship to Dragon Lee, who had Rey in his corner, two weeks ago at NXT Deadline. While some fans may have considered the title loss a demotion, it appears bigger things could be on the horizon for the young star. PWInsider reports that Dominik has signed a new deal with the company, which is believed, by one source, to be for five years. The report also notes that the deal was finalized sometime in the last month.

Immediately on the horizon for Dominik is a match with the hottest star in WWE right now, CM Punk. Punk has been announced for two matches against Dominik at upcoming Holiday Live Event shows, including the big post-Christmas show at Madison Square Garden. The two men have been exchanging barbs on social media ever since Punk returned to the fold. For those unaware, Dominik participated in a SmackDown segment in 2010 when he was only thirteen, celebrating his father’s birthday. Punk crashed the festivities and used the moment to fuel their impending feud.

Dominik was also the first opponent for another hotly anticipated WWE return, Randy Orton. On the WWE Raw after Survivor Series, Dominik did his best to fend off The Viper in one-on-one action but, unfortunately, fell victim to an RKO. With Orton being moved to SmackDown to feud with Roman Reigns, it looks like Punk is being tagged in as the new foil to Dominik and The Judgment Day.

Of course, Dominik’s most significant success in 2023 has not come in the form of a title or marquee match but rather a pairing. WWE Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley has dubbed the Gen-Z member of The Judgment Day “Dirty” Dom, and their on-screen chemistry has riled fans of all ages. The duo has sold tons of merchandise this year, regularly pulling the most eyeballs to NXT when they appeared on screen.