Booker T Threatens To Sue Former WWE Star For Defamation

Booker T has never shied away from speaking his mind on Ahmed Johnson. The two briefly worked together during the late days of WCW and it’s clear the WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t think highly of his former colleague, blasting him as “a notorious, lying, lowdown piece of you-know-what” last month.

Now, Booker has addressed Johnson once more during the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast after the former WWE star made claims about Booker’s time in prison during a recent interview.

“I actually heard the interview and he said about what a low life I was, going to prison for robbing people,” Booker said. “And I’m gonna say it, I did go to prison for robbing people. But I was a kid and I think I’ve atoned for every every piece of dirt that I put down back in the day. I was a kid that made a mistake. But he talks about being in a gang as a youth himself, what do gangs do? What do they normally do? They normally are not the pillars of society.”

Johnson also recently threatened to tell a story about Booker he heard from someone who was allegedly close to the WWE legend during his prison term, leading Booker to respond with a serious legal threat of his own.

“He said he had a buddy that told him a story about when I was in prison,” Booker began. “He said if I keep talking, he’s gonna tell that story. Now I don’t have any prison buddies, but obviously, he still has buddies that was in prison at the same prison that I was, that’s what he’s saying, and he’s got a story that he’s going to tell. Well, I hope he tells that story. I really do because he’ll see a different side of me if he does tell some false story that’s totally not true.

“I got facts. I got receipts as far as everything that I’m saying. You tell a lie about me, he’s probably going to end up in court and he’s probably going to end up getting sued by defaming me. So please tell some story that you heard from some prison buddy that you had about me because it would be totally false. If you make up a story about me, [Ahmed]… I’m gonna just leave it at that. I’m not going to take it any further than that. Other than, [Ahmed Johnson] has always been a notorious, lying, piece of you-know-what.”

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