Swerve Strickland & MJF Share Intense Exchange Of Words: ‘There Are Levels To This’

Tonight’s AEW Dynamite offered up a considerable amount of screentime to two of the company’s biggest stars: MJF and Swerve Strickland. The show opened with Strickland picking up a victory in the Continental Classic tournament against Rush, securing a spot in next week’s semi-finals, where he’ll face Jon Moxley once again. As for MJF, he and Samoa Joe accepted a challenge from the Devil to defend the ROH World Tag Team Championship next week.

Later on in the show, the feed cut to a conversation between MJF and Joe backstage, with the AEW World Champion storming off only to find a black mask outside the locker room of the Mogul Embassy. Knocking on their door, MJF threatened Prince Nana before sharing an intense back-and-forth with Strickland. After Strickland accused the world champion of ducking him, MJF recited some of Strickland’s entrance music back to him before getting some things off his chest.

MJF revealed that the two have quite a bit of history together, sharing many car rides on the independent scene before Strickland eventually made his way to WWE. As for the accusation that MJF has been avoiding Strickland, the world champion had a different perspective to share.

“I haven’t been ducking you, boss,” MJF said. “The reason me and you have never made eye contact in this place is because, unfortunately, there [are] levels to this s–t, and you’re just not on mine.”

The AEW World Champion also accused Strickland of only being popular due to his entrance music. In response, Strickland called MJF an excellent chauffeur and said he was able to get some great sleep on the road. He also referenced MJF’s promo with William Regal from last year, with the young star detailing his failed WWE tryout.

“You’re right: there are levels to this,” Swerve said. “You do tryouts, I sign contracts. And be careful how you talk to me, because the last person that did, I hung him outside the ring in front of 13,000 people by a chain.”

MJF complimented Strickland’s promo abilities but cautioned that he seemed to be obsessed with Hangman Adam Page. Additionally, he insulted Strickland for wearing “hand-me-down Flavor Flav grills” before accusing him of being the one behind the Devil mask. MJF laid out his case, citing the attack on Page from last week and Strickland’s desire for the world title.

“So Strick, are you the Devil?” MJF asked. “A part of me really hopes so, man, because it’s funny. You say this is your house. Well, check it. You’re looking at the Big Bad Wolf of professional wrestling, and if I feel like it, I’ll blow your house down. And then while I’m at it, I’ll break both your arms, so you can always swerve while you drive.”

Strickland denied being the Devil, but reassured MJF that he had his eyes on the world title. Just as the Mogul Embassy appeared to back Strickland up, Samoa Joe arrived to escort MJF to safety, leaving the conflict between MJF and Swerve for another day.