The Devil Lays Out Challenge For MJF & Samoa Joe On AEW Dynamite

AEW World Champion MJF and upcoming challenger Samoa Joe appeared together during tonight’s AEW Dynamite, with both men laying accusations at one another’s feet. Both men accused the other of partnering with or being the masked Devil who has been terrorizing AEW over the last several months, but after an exchange of words, the two were interrupted. A small legion of the Devil’s masked minions appeared, hitting the ring to attack MJF and Joe. When it looked like the two were successful in fighting off their adversaries, the lights dropped and another message from the Devil played.

Using text rather than speaking, the Devil asked Friedman where else he had left to go before challenging MJF and Samoa Joe to a match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship on next week’s show. After the message, MJF began his attempt to convince Joe to say yes, but before he had a chance, the veteran grabbed the microphone and accepted the challenge.

“It seems the best way to handle the Devil is with our bare hands and, next week, we beat his boys’ asses,” Joe said.

That match will take place just three days before MJF defends the AEW World Championship against Joe at AEW Worlds End. At the same time as MJF is dealing with the Devil and Joe, vignettes have continued to air for his former ally Wardlow. After some time away, Wardlow is eager to get his hands on MJF, and many fans have noticed that one of the Devil’s masked allies is suspiciously Wardlow-shaped.

The identity of the Devil has been the topic of a great deal of speculation in recent months. While there were some perceived hints toward Jack Perry as the Devil, that was recently shut down. Whoever it is, the inevitable conflict between the Devil and MJF seems to be coming to a head, and the champion’s match against Joe at Worlds End will certainly be something to keep an eye on.