Chris Jericho Addresses Kenny Omega’s Absence On AEW Dynamite

News broke last week that Kenny Omega will be out of AEW indefinitely after suffering a bout of diverticulitis that forced him into the hospital. With Omega now focused on becoming healthy once again, his scheduled match with Chris Jericho against Ricky Starks and Big Bill is off the table. The two teams were supposed to clash at AEW Worlds End, with the AEW World Tag Team Championship on the line. Tonight on AEW Dynamite, Jericho appeared backstage to address the situation.

“Last week, on the Thursday after Dynamite, Kenny Omega ended up in the hospital after suffering the effects of diverticulitis,” Jericho said. “As he shared on social media, we know have the news that Kenny Omega is out of AEW indefinitely. And we don’t know how long or how short that’s going to be, but one thing that’s affected is the Golden Jets’ opportunity to become the AEW Tag Team Champions by beating Ricky Starks and Big Bill at Worlds End.”

Jericho stated that there has not yet been a decision made for a replacement partner for the upcoming PPV, and that the focus remains on Omega’s health at the moment. The AEW star encouraged the crowd to cheer for Omega, and offered a message to the EVP.

“We’re all pulling for you, Kenny,” Jericho continued. “The AEW fans, as you can hear, the entire locker room, and most importantly me. Take as long as you need, Kenny, to get healthy, but when you’re ready to come back, we’re all gonna be here, and I’m gonna be waiting for you. And the Golden Jets will resume.”

Before wrapping up, Jericho recited Omega’s signature closing line and said that everyone will see the AEW star again soon. While the tone of Jericho’s promo was cheerful, it’s not too difficult to see some potential veiled threats by reading between the lines. As admitted by Jericho himself last week, Omega has no reason to trust the former WWE star in the long run, and the company isn’t averse to hinting toward future storylines even through injuries.

With Worlds End taking place in a little over a week, AEW will soon have to announce a replacement partner for Jericho, or possibly even a different match altogether. One of the benefits of adding Collision to the weekly rotation is gaining some extra storytelling hours to build to PPVs, so additional developments could unfold on Collision. As always, stay tuned to Haus of Wrestling for the latest updates on Worlds End and more.