Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho Announce When They Will Challenge For AEW Tag Titles

Two of AEW’s biggest stars, Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, won a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship when they defeated the Young Bucks last month at AEW Full Gear. Since then, the duo has been appearing predominantly on AEW Collision. AEW World Tag Team Champions Ricky Starks and Big Bill have laid out Jericho and Omega at different times over the last few weeks with violent attacks, and the four men all came face to face once again tonight. The Golden Jets used the opportunity to finally announce when they’ll challenge Starks and Bill: AEW Worlds End on December 30.

After Jericho called the champions out, Starks and Bill shared a heated exchange with their upcoming challengers in the build-up to the title match reveal. The former FTW Champion clarified that he didn’t have any issues with Omega, but questioned his judgment in trusting Jericho. Omega replied by stating that he didn’t trust Jericho, and chimed in with some clever remarks about Bill’s time in The Firm before announcing the upcoming title match.

Starks then picked things back up, pointing out that he previously beat Jericho twice earlier this year. Jericho then attempted to come up with a nickname for Starks and Bill’s team, with some censored responses that sent the segment sputtering for a few moments. After Starks accused Jericho of “sucking the life out of everything” earlier in the segment, the veteran fired back with a barbed response of his own.

“You said I’m a clout vampire,” Jericho said. “Believe me, if I was going to suck my fangs into somebody, I’d do it [to] someone with a lot more clout than you, because from where I’m standing, all I see is a better-dressed, less-charismatic version of Enzo Amore.”

Omega then added that Amore would actually have hyped up Bill rather than taking the spotlight to himself. The lines fired Starks up, with the young star calling Jericho and Omega a pair of “Winnipeg scumbags” before taking off, allowing Omega to wrap the segment up.

With the tag title match being made official shortly after the segment, it becomes the third bout announced for the upcoming pay-per-view. Worlds End will also include MJF defending the AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe and the finals of the Continental Classic.