Shelton Benjamin Has To Figure Out How To Make Some Money

Today, several notable former WWE stars became free agents after their non-compete clauses expired. Matt Riddle has already been announced as the newest member of the MLW roster, and Mustafa Ali dramatically let pro wrestling fans know he was ready to embark on a world tour. Another of those notable names is giving fans an idea of where their head is at as they hit the market, Shelton Benjamin.

“It’s been fun actually having time to focus on me and enjoy the many fruits of my labors,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “But all good things must end so time to strap up my boots and get back in the game. Big adventures ahead #justdowork

Attached to the message is a video featuring Benjamin doing a voiceover to a clip of a Godzilla movie. Much like Benjamin, Godzilla is waking up from a long slumber, to which the former Intercontinental Champion relates to. He then realizes what day it is and quips, “I gotta figure out how to make some money.”

With Benjamin’s resume, there should be no shortage of potential suitors for The Gold Standard. AEW, NJPW, MLW, TNA, and other major promotions would all appear to be on the table. Larger independent promotions, like GCW, DEFY, and PROGRESS, also seem like possibilities for Benjamin.