Ric Flair Announces New Cryptocurrency Endeavor

Ric Flair has defied death on a number of occasions and, in recent years, has spent the time he still has on Earth landing endorsement deals. After an extended absence from pro wrestling television following allegations stemming from the Plane Ride From Hell episode of Dark Side of The Ring, Flair has joined AEW thanks to his WOOOOO! Energy drink. The company behind the drink is apparently paying AEW to have Flair on TV promoting their product, which is a big reason he can be seen by Sting’s side on the way to his retirement match.

The Nature Boy took to social media today to announce his latest endorsement deal, this time with a new form of cryptocurrency.

“Are you ready for the crypto phenomenon?” he says in the video. “Buy Woooop Coin today with five o’s and then begin to style and profile. Walk that aisle. Be custom-made. FIying crypto Learjets. Live the life of the king like The Nature Boy. Wooooo Coin, five o’s, live the crypto phenomenon. Wooooo!”

Flair’s last AEW appearance brought controversy along with it. During a pre-taped segment on AEW Rampage, Flair invited all the women in the audience between eighteen and twenty-eight, without boyfriends or husbands, to his hotel room. Due to the aforementioned allegations that were leveled against Flair, his comments were met largely with condemnation. The line was cut from the episode when it aired on TNT.

It is unclear whether AEW plans to bring Flair back to TV, but they are still continuing to promote his drink. Flair responded to the criticism of his promo on social media, stating that if it would be easier for everyone for him to leave AEW TV, he would be willing to do that.

Flair’s daughter, Charlotte, is unfortunately sidelined at the moment due to an injury she sustained on SmackDown two weeks ago. Charlotte is expected to be off WWE TV for around nine months while she rehabs her reported torn ACL, meniscus, and MCL. It is also believed that she sprained her neck.