Update On Season 2 Of Netflix Series ‘Wrestlers’ – Exclusive

Pro wrestling fans have been spoiled by films and television shows in recent years. On the horizon is the national release of A24’s The Iron Claw, but in recent years shows like Young Rock and GLOW have also grabbed fans’ attention. Another series that fans and non-fans alike gravitated to in 2023 was the hit Netflix series “Wrestlers.” The documentary-styled series follows Al Snow and his business partner, Matt Jones, along with a variety of colorful performers, as they try to keep the legendary Ohio Valley Wrestling promotion afloat.

On today’s episode of Rumor & Innuendo, Jones commented on the odds Wrestlers is picked up for a season two by Netflix.

“Long story short, the way streaming works now, shows are either massive hits or they are bombs,” he began. “There’s really no middle ground. It used to be there were a lot of niches and now that doesn’t really happen a lot. Well, we were one of the rarities. We’re one of the old school that kind of went in the middle. It wasn’t like a slam dunk Love Is Blind hit, but it wasn’t like 80% of the stuff on Netflix, and it just came in left, and nobody saw it.

“We’re kind of in the middle. We’ve had success, we’ve had viewers, we still, they say we have what’s called a long tail, meaning people are still trying it, the word of mouth has been really good. These year-end lists that put us as one of the ten best shows have helped a lot. So, like a lot of shows, the bottom line is we’re still kind of in the gray area on season two. At this point, Netflix tells most shows yes or no; they have not told us yet, and they’ve told us that’s very rare.

“As one person said, ‘Matt, if this was ten years ago, you’d be renewed easily.’ It’s different. They’re just trying to kind of figure it out. So, I don’t know if we’ll get a second season, but it’s up in the air. But I will say it’s been huge for our business. We’ve sold out every show we’ve done since it came out, and hopefully that will continue.”

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