WWE Hall Of Famer May Become Regular At OVW – Exclusive

The popular Netflix series “Wrestlers” follows Al Snow and his business partner, Matt Jones, as they attempt to keep legendary promotion OVW alive. The show sees the two men at odds at several points, usually over money, which Snow admittedly is not the best with. One financial area where the two men butt heads repeatedly is the cost of talent and which talents they should book. This past week, several former WWE names like Nic Nemeth, Mustafa Ali, and Matt Riddle hit the market as free agents, looking to pick up new work.

On a recent episode of Rumor & Innuendo, Jones addressed whether OVW has plans to sign any of the recently available free agents.

“I only want to bring somebody in now that I think can help the long-term sustainability of the product,” he began. “The announcements we’re going to be making are about people that are going to be here for a while. Like they’re not just going to be here overnight. You know, Mick Foley’s coming to the Rumble. He won’t be here every week, but I expect you’ll see him, you know, a handful of times on OVW; I don’t think it’s gonna be a one-time thing for us. At least that’s my hope.”

Later in the conversation, I pointed out that Foley and Snow are long-time friends and that The Hardcore Legend has written glowingly about him in some of his books.

“He (Mick) lives in Nashville,” Jones pointed out. “And he’s doing commentary for the Rumble. He’s gonna commentate the Rumble, so you’re gonna get to hear him. So we’re doing a rumble on January 6, which I hope people will watch. We’re gonna have a lot of special guests, and Mick is gonna be on the mic, which is where I think he’ll be the best. So, we’re looking forward to it.”

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