Trish Stratus Hints At Pro Wrestling Plans For 2024

After paving the way for female performers in WWE during The Attitude Era, Trish Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Many pro wrestlers consider their induction the crowning achievement of their career and ride off into the sunset right after. That was not the case for Stratus, who returned to WWE action at the 2018 Royal Rumble and has competed in more than a dozen matches since. Her most recent run with the company saw her tagging with Lita and Becky Lynch before things turned, and she wound up feuding with the latter.

On the latest episode of GAW TV, Stratus commented on what plans she has for 2024.

“I’m excited; it just feels like things are like we’re on a roll here. There’s good things happening, new opportunities, and stuff that I didn’t even think I could tap into that I am, and it’s been fun. So, I can’t wait, and honestly, it’s just like, at the end of the day, the support from my Stratuspherians, as we always say, we are so thankful for everyone. They’re what drives us; they’re what make us and give us, really.

“Your interest is what makes the interest, and so, therefore, we are a thing, you know what I mean? So, thank you to all of my Stratuspherians for coming out, for supporting, and it’s, you know, so fun to, like when, especially when going back to wrestling and tapping into like, if you know you know, moments and like having that like, Oh, I love when she did that back in the day. So that was fun, and I look forward to doing that again next year. I’m so excited.”

Stratus saying that she looks forward to “doing that again next year” certainly feels like a tease she will return to WWE action next year. Her last WWE match took place at Payback in September, where she lost to Lynch inside a steel cage. Following the loss, Stratus was attacked by Zoey Stark, who had been serving as her protege. With her feud with Lynch seemingly done, it’s possible Stark is who Stratus feuds with when she returns.

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