Kevin Nash Compliments CM Punk On Recent WWE Appearance

It’s closing in on a month since CM Punk made his big return at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, leaving enough time for level-headed, measured takes on his arrival. WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash hasn’t been shy while discussing Punk in the past, and the veteran gave his honest and colorful opinion on the WWE star during a recent episode of Kliq This.

“I wasn’t gangbusters over his initial interview that he cut,” Nash said. “But at the same time, … your song hits. You’re CM Punk. You haven’t f—ing said a word on that f—ing stage in 10 f—ing years, and you’re gonna walk out there, and you’re gonna cut a promo. … That’s a lot of pressure.”

Nash admitted that he did tune into both WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw to see Punk’s recent advertised appearances. The WWE Hall of Famer complimented the way the company sent Punk to each of the individual brands before announcing that he would regularly appear on “Raw.”

“By doing that alone, it brought the NXT brand up, because he was going to listen to what Shawn [Michaels] had an offer,” Nash continued. “And I thought that was brilliant.”

By interacting with Michaels the way that he did, Nash felt that Punk showed the proper respect, which was especially important coming from someone who calls themselves “The Best In The World.” When Nash’s co-host Sean Oliver complained that Punk should stop apologizing in his promos as the fans have already forgiven him, Nash pointed out that he may actually be talking to the WWE locker room rather than the fans.

After announcing that he signed to Raw and being confronted by Seth Rollins, Punk was absent from this week’s episode. With Punk set to compete in next year’s WWE Royal Rumble, he should be making his return to the red brand very soon. However, it won’t happen before the year’s end, as the company will air a “Best Of” episode on the day after Christmas rather than a standard episode of Raw.