Seth Rollins Confronts New WWE Raw Star CM Punk In Heated Exchange

After weeks of build-up, the roster designation of CM Punk has finally been revealed. Punk appeared live tonight on WWE Raw, declaring that he has labored over his decision and acknowledging his complicated history with Cleveland, Ohio, and the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, including both his WWE debut and exit. Punk said he was tempted by another offer, but he feels he may have made up his mind when he saw Raw was in Cleveland.

“You couldn’t write a better television show, ladies and gentlemen,” Punk said. “10 years [ago], almost to the day, CM Punk walked out. And regardless of how you feel about it, CM Punk walks right back in. And if you’re happy about it, you’re mad about it, you’d better learn to love it, because congratulations, Adam Pearce. The newest Raw superstar is named CM Punk, and CM Punk is home.”

Shortly after making his announcement, Punk was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Things have been building between the two for weeks, and they stared one another down in the ring as the crowd went wild, chanting expletives as well as Rollins’ entrance theme chant before Rollins began speaking. Rollins then called Punk out for repeatedly referring to WWE, and now Raw, as his home.

“Don’t you dare call this place your home,” Rollins told Punk. “You abandoned this place 10 years ago. Not only did you abandon it, but you actively tried to tear it down. You spent 10 years slandering me, slandering every single person back in that locker room, and then you want to walk back in here and call this place your home? This is not your home. This is my home!”

Rollins admitted that he hates Punk with every fiber of his being, as he expressed in other words to Haus of Wrestling’s Nick Hausman earlier this year. Still, Rollins said that he wants Punk on Raw nonetheless, promising that the truth will come out and reminding Punk, “This is your last chance.” If Punk does self-destruct, Rollins promised to “slam the door shut on [his] legacy.” However, Rollins wrapped up by stating he wanted to see if Punk could work his way up to a match for the World Heavyweight Championship, allowing Rollins to expose him as a fraud. Though Rollins had the crowd on his side at one point, there were chants for Punk by the time the champion wrapped up.

In response, Punk admitted that he was stubborn before calling Adam Pearce over and informing him that he was entering next month’s WWE Royal Rumble. Instead of going after Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, however, Punk indicated he would target Rollins.

Punk made a surprise return at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, which fittingly took place in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Since then, Punk has appeared once each on WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, and even WWE NXT’s Deadline PLE this past Saturday. His PLE appearance featured the Straight Edge Superstar speaking to the crowd alongside Shawn Michaels, and Punk was reportedly a pleasure to be around backstage at the event.

It’s been a tumultuous couple of years for Punk since making his grand return to wrestling in August 2021. The 45-year-old spent just over two years signed with AEW, though much of his time there was spent on the shelf. He undeniably made a difference for the promotion, but was terminated after an alleged backstage altercation at AEW All In this past August.