Exclusive Backstage News On CM Punk Appearing At WWE NXT Deadline

Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT Deadline kicked off with “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels making his way down the aisle. Once in the ring, Michaels hyped the crowd before launching into his DX schtick by asking the fans twice, “Are you ready?” Following his second ask of the trademark question, Cult Of Personality blared out over the speakers, and CM Punk made his way to the ring. Once alongside Michaels, Punk apologized to the WWE Hall of Fame inductee for cutting off his DX intro, asking if he was about to say “suck it.” Michaels awkwardly laughed before Punk asked if that was something he could no longer say. The WWE executive responded, saying, “Hell, I forgot.”

Haus of Wrestling spoke with a WWE source who said that Michaels is allowed to say “Suck it” on WWE TV, but it likely just did not fit the moment. It was also noted that screaming “Suck It” is usually a way to close a segment, and the two were just getting going.

Backstage, we are told Punk was at the venue most of the day and was described as being “great around everyone.” Paul “Triple H” Levesque was in the building for the show, and Punk’s interactions with the WWE CCO were also “legit” very good. Those we have spoken to close to Punk continue to talk about how happy he is and that he is just looking to keep riding the wave he is on.

Lastly, Punk’s appearance on the show caught many off guard and does not appear to have been well known.

Haus of Wrestling will continue coverage of the WWE NXT Deadline throughout the night.