CM Punk Delivers Big Tease About WWE Future At NXT Deadline

Tonight’s WWE NXT Deadline premium live event kicked off with Shawn Michaels asking fans, “Are you ready?” The fans were indeed ready as they leaped to their feet to make noise. The revelry was kicked into overdrive moments later as CM Punk made his way to the ring, with his Cult Of Personality theme song blaring through the sound system.

Once in the ring, Punk apologized for stepping on Michaels’ opening salvo and asked if this was the part where they say “suck it” or if they don’t do that anymore. Michaels was reluctant to give a response as he wasn’t sure. One thing that grabbed Michaels’ attention was the Bret Hart hoodie that Punk wore, which he said “hurt.” Punk playfully laughed off the jab, noting that Michaels and Hart have made amends just like he and Paul “Triple H” Levesque. He then requested a selfie with Michaels, as he noted he was one of his heroes.

Lastly, Punk addressed his on-screen future now that he is back in the WWE fold. Last night, he appeared on SmackDown and cut a firey promo, and this Monday night on Raw, he will be offered a contract to sign with the brand. Punk quickly noted that NXT was also an option for him and asked the fans if NXT’s newest star should be him, eliciting another big reaction and his name being chanted. It is worth noting that I asked Michaels earlier this year about Punk possibly joining NXT, and at the time, he said that WWE would likely.

Punk’s music hit, and the two men laughed and embraced before the shot cut away to a promo package.

Haus of Wrestling will have ongoing coverage of NXT Deadline throughout the night.