WWE Gives Update On Sami Zayn Following Injury Angle

Tonight’s episode of WWE Raw kicked off with a dramatic video package detailing the exchanges between Sami Zayn and Drew McIntyre last week. The Scottish star did not take kindly to some of the things that Zayn said to him and proceeded to attack him in the backstage area after beating him in their match. During their bout, Zayn had begun to favor one of his knees, which McIntyre targeted while he was executing his locker room assault.

During tonight’s opening match between McIntyre and Jey Uso, which McIntyre won, Michael Cole, on commentary, told fans that Zayn suffered a partially torn meniscus. No return timeline was given for his recovery, but we recently noted that the injury is reportedly a work, and Zayn recently requested time off. Zayn is not booked for the December 28 WWE Holiday Tour Live Event in Laval, Quebec, which would usually be built around him due to his relationship with the area. He may be back just before, or possibly at, the WWE Royal Rumble, but that is just speculation.

Tonight’s WWE Raw will feature CM Punk being offered a contract by General Manager Adam Pearce to sign with the brand. Haus of Wrestling will continue to bring you coverage as the night continues.