Big Update On Jey Uso And The Future Of YEET

Tonight on WWE Raw, Jey Uso was able to bring back a popular piece of merchandise: his “YEET” t-shirt. The shirt was censored during Raw’s broadcast last week, with reports soon emerging that an independent wrestler had previously trademarked the slang term for use in wrestling. Attorney Stephen P. New, often associated with Jim Cornette, then took to X to confirm reports that he was representing the holder of the previous trademark. It seems likely that WWE offered a settlement for the use of the term, allowing Uso to use it once again, as displayed on tonight’s Raw.

Minutes before Raw began, WWE clearly signaled that they have full control over the “YEET” trademark, posting a short video to X showcasing Uso and revealing the return of the term. Additionally, in the opening moments of Raw, the company’s X account posted “YEET!” to let fans know the show was kicking off.

The show then opened with Uso making his way to the ring, welcoming the crowd and indicating that Sami Zayn is injured, though that injury is reportedly just part of a storyline to cover for Zayn taking some time off. Uso was sporting the blue “YEET” shirt and, as always, the fans were fired up for the former tag champ. He was soon interrupted by Drew McIntyre, who has had issues with Uso since the former Bloodline member came to Raw in September. The two proceeded to have a hot match, bringing the crowd to life immediately, with McIntyre going to extreme lengths to win. The victory puts the status of Uso’s future title match against Seth Rollins in question.